Download P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro

The trial version is a P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro which can be used up to 30 days for free.

Project Manager 8 Pro trial is free also for commercial use.

The purchased licenses are valid indefinitely.

Additional information

How to start using P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro?

Take a look at following resources helping to get up to speed with P2ware Project Manager 8.

  • Watch "How to create a plan quickly and easily?"
  • Read "How to start" introduction available after Project Manager 8 launch
  • Take a look at sample project plan installed with Project Manager 8 Pro
  • Take o look at Project Manager 8 Pro Help
What is the difference between trial and full P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro version?

The trial version of P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro is as P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro. The only difference between the trial and full version is that the trial version is valid 30 days from the activation date. After the trial period ends, you will still be able to open your plans in the read-only mode with Project Manager 8 Viewer which is installed together with every P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro installation. After you purchase your licence for P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro, it can be activated with a received activation key. See: Upgrade to higher version.

System requirements (desktop versions)

P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5. It is installed with P2ware Project Manager if not already installed.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core or faster (or compatible)
  • Min. 1 GB of┬áRAM, 2 GB and more are recommended
  • Min. 500 MB free on your hard disk
Upgrade to higher versions

When upgrading your software to a higher version of P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro please use the same installation file. To upgrade your P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro: launch the application, click P2ware Suite button (upper left corner) and select Activate option. You will be asked to enter a new activation key (a serial number). After completing steps of the activation wizard, you will be able to use upgraded version of P2ware Project Manager 8.

Download P2ware Project Manager 8 Viewer

To download Project Manager Viewer, please use the hyperlink Download Project Manager 8 Pro. Project Manager 8 Viewer is installed with a regular version of the application and is available in every installation of Project Manager 8 Pro. After installation, go to Start Menu of your operating system and find P2ware Project Manager 8 Viewer. The application is available for free and does not require any activation or registration. It is used to browse P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro plan files in read-only mode by people not having full licences.


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