Comprehensive and complete project management tool leveraging state of the art methods and techniques for successful project planning, execution and reporting. Excellent project software for modern project managers.

P2ware Project Manager 7 is available in English, French, Spanish and Polish languages.


Extend proven Project Manager 7 software to the new level of programme and portfolio management. This leading edge portfolio management software integrates project management information with vital systems of your organization. Implement strategies, manage projects delivering actual benefits and new capabilities.


Effective project management server and a centralized repository for all project documentation. Use modern web based user interface to manage multiple projects and teams, access and update important project information on any device wherever you want.


Every company is different. Leverage our consultants’ experience coming from multiple implementations and build project management solution perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

Full support for all project management areas, including resources, time, quality, scope, cost and risk management

Effective progress tracking and project execution tailored to organizations

Reporting and documentation

Applications for individual project managers and team managers

Server systems for enterprises

Support for various methodologies and standards (e.g. PRINCE2®, PMI PMBOK®) and techniques (e.g. product-based planning)

Projects, programmes and portfolios management

Data import and export - standalone software that does not require any other applications, but can integrate with many

Cost and pace of deployment easily adjustable to the organization maturity level

Why P2ware Suite 7

P2ware Suite is a set of modern project planning tools and portfolio, programme and project management software. By managing projects with P2ware Suite you can join thousands of productive managers who:

  • Create excellent plans easily and effectively
  • More effectively control their projects
  • Improve quality of portfolio, project and team management
  • Build a Project Support Office (Project Management Office)

The P2ware Suite can be user-modified to align with any project management method or standard and with organization own rules and in-house templates. The software makes it possible to use effectively both your own experience and project management best practices.

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Learn P2ware Project Manager in several minutes and see that project management and planning does not have to be difficult.

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Coming soon: P2ware Suite 8


A new and improved version of our project, programme and portfolio management software will soon be available. The version 8 includes a better user interface, many improvements to make work faster, improved diagrams and many more. Buyers who will purchase licenses for version 7 will receive a free upgrade.

Coming soon: P2ware Cloud


We will soon release the cloud-based version of the P2ware system. It's a fully scalable solution, optimized to work in different environments, from individual users to business applications (on-premises and private cloud) and large multi-tenant systems. The application allows use by users of different operating systems and mobile devices.

Project management system for the City Offices


Work is currently underway to implement the P2ware system for managing projects carried out by one of Poland's City Offices. The system supports the connections between these projects and the development strategies of the province and the city, strategic objectives and operational programs, as well as the specific forms of their implementations.

Trusted by

ZTM Warszawa (Public Transport Authority in Warsaw), for methodical management of ideas, initiatives and projects in one of the biggest organization of public transport in Central Europe

MPWiK Wrocław, for interdisciplinary projects involving internal and external resources (800 employes), with their lifecycle overseen by a custom workflow

The Project and Technical Management department of the European Patent Office, for both green field and improvement projects, using product-based planning among other methods

Brazil's Army's Technology Center (CTEx), for an R&D project related to the armoured personnel carrier VBTP-MR Guarani

Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A., for portfolio management in a financial institution, multi-criteria evaluation of investments, and integration with the bank's systems

The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON), for implementation of methodical project management compliant with PRINCE2®, using the P2ware Suite

Multiconsult, for project portfolio management, from business initiatives and tender procedures to acceptance, in the industries of technical and environmental consulting, as well as rail and road transportation.

Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (SPRING Association), for their project the Noble Box

The Minstry of Economic Development for their IT projects

The Institute of National Remembrance


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