Support Services

General Support Services

Technical support for P2ware applications include:

  • E-mail support
  • Telephone support
  • Remote support via Remote Desktop

We do our best to help our users successfully use P2ware software. Some examples of our support are:

  • Answer questions about P2ware software functionalities, details, limitations, options and editions
  • Answer questions regarding software and hardware requirements
  • Provide analysis of application logs in order to help understand and fix any issue
  • Help in customization of P2ware software: adding properties, formulas, changing editors and other built-in customization functionalities
  • Provide product documentation
  • Provide limited assistance in creating P2ware Suite plug-ins and integration with 3rd party applications
  • Document and fix any software problems experienced by our users

P2ware technical support applies only to P2ware licensed software. We do not provide support for any 3rd parties’ software.

P2ware software can be modified by customers. However modification of P2ware templates and plugins in a manner not authorized by the applicable user documentation or provided support might limit P2ware from providing technical support.

Software Maintenance and Bug Fixes

At P2ware we do our best to deliver bug free software to our customers. We do that by state-of-the-art software design and testing prior to any software release. However it is possible that some of new functionalities may contain errors. We constantly fix bugs and release new updates to our software. Our users are automatically notified upon start of P2ware software, can check manually or can contact our support team in order to ask for information about available new releases.

Notifications about new products and versions

P2ware informs customers about new products and versions of P2ware software and publishes this information on P2ware website.

Support Policy

Support Eligibility

Technical support is available to all customers who license P2ware software, install and use it on supported platforms in compliance with End User License Agreement.

P2ware software users should first contact any local representative or partner prior to contacting P2ware Technical Support. Our customers are asked to contact P2ware Technical Support if the problem cannot be solved by local representative or partner.

Support of Server Systems

P2ware offers support of server systems (both on-premises and in cloud) for customers with the support contract. Support contract may dictate SLA other than stated below.

Support Cost

P2ware support regarding solving technical problems (errors, software bugs) are free of charge. This kind of software support is a part of provided software.

P2ware provides also fee-based support which include:

  • User training, consulting and deployment support
  • Creating templates
  • Writing custom plug-ins and other extensions
  • Assistance in designing and implementing project, programme and portfolio solutions
  • Other non-standard services provided both on-site and remotely
Support Dates and Hours

Standard support hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT (Western European Time) excluding all public holidays.

Response Time

Any problem reported by customers should be also registered electronically via e-mail to P2ware Support Team. The table below presents time targets for three levels of problem severity.

Severity Description Response time *
Critical Software does not run at all or critical functionality of the software cannot be used and there are not any workarounds available Initial response: up to 4 hours (usually less than 2 hours)
Standard Problem with standard functionality of the software Initial response: up to 8 hours
Low Problem with auxiliary software functionality or problem with functionality with more than one workaround Initial response: up to 2 days

* - business hours

Resolving Problems/Bugs

Creating software is a very complex endeavor and because of that P2ware cannot guarantee the time it may take to resolve (fix) a problem. Additionally, time required to resolve a problem depends on quality of data provided by the user. We make our best effort to solve any problems as soon as possible.

Sensitive Data

P2ware protects any data sent to us in the same manner as our own confidential data. However P2ware cannot guarantee that customers’ data will be handled in compliance with all regulatory standards applicable to such data. We strongly suggest not to send any confidential data and to make sure that user does not violate any regulation by sharing any data with P2ware Technical Support.


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