P2ware Portfolio Management (PPM) is a complete project and project portfolio management tool. It delivers managerial information on dashboards and in reports, executes workflows orchestrating portfolio management and collaboration on projects and documents. With a focus on project portfolio management, it also provides a robust project, team, and document management and reporting platform that enables easy integration and aggregation of team and project data that are critical to successful portfolio management.

The software integrates with IT ecosystem and can be highly customized to implement dedicated systems, methodologies and best practices.

Zarządzanie projektami i portfelem projektów

Main features

  • Projects assigned to strategic areas and goals with their indicators
  • Management of individual projects, projects groups and whole portfolio
  • Complete project life cycle orchestrated by predefined workflow
  • Support for project planning and execution
  • Ultimate product-based planning support: Product Breakdown Structure, Product Flow Diagram and automatic generation of Gantt Chart, Network Diagram
  • All required registers: Risk Register, Issue Register, Quality Register
  • Dozens of useful predefined reports ready to use
  • Integration with server applications and other tools
  • Workplace for teams working on and managing projects on all levels
  • Documents repository
  • Installation on premises or in a cloud

Key benefits

  • Complete project portfolio management solutions
  • Effective team collaboration on multiple projects
  • All critical information available at your fingertips – dashboard and reports
  • Uniform platform for planning and execution of projects
  • Effective implementation of management methods and best practices
  • No additional tools required for project management

P2ware Portfolio Management – complete project portfolio management solution

Comprehensive system designed for:

  • Project portfolio management
  • Management of individual projects
  • Delivery of information for all managerial levels
  • Implementation of methodologies and best practices

Project management tools

  • Leverage leading project management methods, e.g. PRINCE2® and PMI PMBOK®
  • Plan and manage scope, budget and schedule
  • Collaborate in real time on documents and plans
  • Access your data safely from outside company, using your favourite a web browser

Projects aligned with organization strategic goals

  • Choose projects that align with defined strategies
  • For each strategic goal identify indicators, plan and monitor execution

Tools for management and delivery teams

  • Management dashboards and reports
  • My projects for project managers and sponsors
  • My tasks for team members and leaders

From business initiative to project closing

  • Collect ideas and business initiatives
  • Use workflows to orchestrate evaluation of initiatives
  • Compare, assess and execute new projects

Leading project management practices and techniques

  • Product-based planning technique
  • Gantt Chart created automatically from the Product Flow Diagram
  • Logs and registers to manage risks, issues, quality, stakeholders, lessons learned etc.
  • Resource management
  • Predefined projects templates and reports

Project management environment ready within hours

  • Available as on premises install or in a cloud
  • Dozens of predefined templates ready to use
  • Intuitive user interface

Project portfolio visualisation

  • Portfolio management dashboard
  • Portfolio Gantt
  • Projects relations
  • Multiple project portfolio reports

Keep all your documents and plans in one place

  • Documents and plan versioning optimized for size and performance
  • Control who can and who cannot access specific documents

Create a highly customized system that gives you a real competitive advantage

P2ware Portfolio Management is ready to use out-of-the-box but can be:

  • tailored to in-house processes
  • aligned to users requirements
  • integrated with other systems
  • extended with registers and databases not available in the standard version


Get a quote

To get a quote, please fill in the form below and provide number of :

  • users with complete, standard access to projects (e.g. project managers, PMO)
  • users with limited access to data (e.g. team members, stakeholders, users accessing reports only)
If you require customisation, training or deployment support, please let us know. We’ll do our best to tailor the offer to your requirements.

Standard access (e.g. project managers, programme directors, PMO)
Limited access (e.g. stakeholders, team members)

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