P2ware Suite 7

P2ware Project Manager 7

P2ware Project Manager 7 is a project management software for professional managers demanding tool that embraces all aspects of real world project management from planning to execution. The software is PRINCE2® and PMI PMBOK® compatible and can easily be tailored to in-house methodologies, both more and less formal. P2ware Project Manager 7 provides clear and comprehensive diagrams, Gantt Chart, product-based planning technique, empowers resource management, cost control, reporting and includes all frequently used registers and logs.

P2ware Project Manager 7 integrates with P2ware Project Team Server 7 or P2ware Portfolio Server 7 making it possible to scale project management environment whenever needed and introduce new functionalities such as shared resources management, documents repository, workflows, and secure online access.

P2ware Project Team Server 7

Project Team Server 7 is a highly efficient project management server for project teams and small companies. It delivers robust environment for project planning, execution, team collaboration and document sharing. The server is the best platform on the market for real-time collaboration on multiple projects for professional project managers. It also integrates with all editions of P2ware Project Manager 7 bringing sophisticated customisation functionalities, offline data access and project synchronisation.

Wealth of project management functionalities, web browser access and document sharing combined with easy installation and maintenance makes the software the leading solution for teams in large organisations and small companies that want to manage their projects methodically.

P2ware Portfolio Server 7

P2ware Portfolio Server 7 is leading edge server software for projects, programmes and portfolios management systems (PPM) that deliver managerial information, dashboards and reports, executes workflows orchestrating portfolio management and collaboration on projects and documents. While it is centred on portfolio management, it also delivers robust platform for managing projects, teams, documents and reporting that can easily integrate and aggregate team and project data critical in successful portfolio management.

P2ware Portfolio Server 7 integrates with IT ecosystem and can be highly customized to implement dedicated systems, methodologies and best practices.

P2ware Planner Suite 2011

P2ware Planner Suite 2011 is a direct predecessor of P2ware Suite 7.

P2ware Planner Server 2011

P2ware Planner Server is the software designed to manage projects, programmes and portfolios of projects. It is used by both small and large organizations managing projects in a coherent and coordinated way. In connection with P2ware Planner for PSO, P2ware Planner Enterprise and intranet, it is a core of the project, programme and portfolio management system, which can be adapted to specific needs of the organisation. Such a system can cooperate with mail servers and can also be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint®, as well as with ERP systems.

P2ware Planner Enterprise 2011

It is a full featured, advanced project management tool, intended for professional project managers creating and executing plans in an integrated project, programme and portfolio management system - a system with P2ware Planner Server as a central project management application.

P2ware Planner for Project Support Office 2011

This is the most advanced project management tool intended for project, programme and portfolio support offices which define project management standards in any organisation. Certainly its advantages and numerous features will be appreciated by senior project and programme managers who would like to create plan templates and adjust the software to particular requirements. Planner for Project Support Office (PSO) has all features of P2ware Planner Enterprise but it has also views that allow to customise application and create plan templates with custom properties, mathematical or logical formulas, perspectives, custom user interface or even with hidden unused functions. Due to these customisation features, it is easy to adjust the software to team, project, programme or organization requirements or standards. Organisations and project managers use various project management methods and standards, so there are often various procedures and informational requirements. With P2ware Planner for PSO organisations can create plan templates which satisfy their specific needs and which can be used by people using other Planner applications such as P2ware Planner Enterprise.

P2ware Planner Premium 2011

This is the most advanced project management tool for users managing projects using only desktop computers. Planner Premium has all P2ware Planner Professional features: product-based planning (product breakdown structure, product flow diagram), Gantt chart and network diagram, resource management, time and cost management, quality, risk and issues registers, daily and lessons log, customisable reporting, configurable diagrams and more. Additionally, Planner Premium has important customisation features allowing to adjust the software to particular requirements of a project, an organisation, trade or a method. It provides functionalities that enable users to add new properties as well as properties mathematically and/or logically dependent on properties of plan object, hide unused views, perspectives, properties and plan objects relations.

P2ware Planner Professional 2011

It is an advanced project management tool, intended for professional project managers and people taking part in planning and controlling projects. The application provides a set of project management tools needed by professionals, such as: product-based planning (product breakdown structure and product flow diagram), Gantt Chart and network diagram, resource management, time and cost management, quality, risk and issues registers, daily and lessons log, customisable reporting and configurable diagrams, and many others. Due to these features, Planner Professional is indispensable in managing projects according to various methods, including PRINCE2®. The software implements classic, well established project management techniques and methods such as a critical path or a network diagram, and latest developments, e.g. a critical chain and buffers or an earned value method. It can exchange project data with other IT tools, but these are not required to effectively use the software as it is a standalone application. It is a very sophisticated project management tool available at an attractive price.

P2ware Planner Standard 2011

P2ware Planner Standard is a tool for managing teams and/or small projects using a personal computer as well as allowing to create plans and control of their execution. It is the most basic project management tool from P2ware Planner Suite, but still allows to fully exploit the product-based planning technique and other modern project management tools unavailable in other applications which are on the market.

P2ware Planner Viewer 2011

P2ware Planner Viewer is a free software designed to share plans with those involved in projects not having other P2ware Planner licences. This enables planners to prepare plans on their own and provide to others in an electronic form, for example, by sending as attachments to an e-mail. It means that all plans can be distributed without unnecessary printing.

P2ware Planner Suite 2008

P2ware Planner Suite 2008 was awarded "The most innovative IT solution 2008" in Microsoft® contest.

P2ware Planner Suite 2008 consists of the following applications:

P2ware Planner Server 2008

It is a central part of project, programme or a portfolio management system. It allows for centralised project management, tracking progress of a project, adding activities and products from other projects, central shared resource management, synchronising and publishing plans created with Planner Professional or Developer and creating a uniform reporting system. Moreover, Planner Server can be integrated with other IT solutions to extend organisation’s management systems with project, programme and portfolio management.

Most Innovative IT Solution 2008

P2ware Planner Suite 2008 - Most Innovative IT Solution 2008.

P2ware Planner Developer 2008

It has all of the Planner Professional’s features. Furthermore, it allows for plan template modification by adding your own properties and formulas, customising user interface according to organisation’s or individual’s requirements. This software was designed for Project Support Offices and people supporting projects in organisations. Planner Developer can also be used independently of Planner Server.

P2ware Planner Professional 2008

It is a full featured, advanced desktop project management tool, intended for professional project managers and people taking part in planning and executing projects. Planner Professional can connect to Planner Server and thus is one of the key elements of an organisation’s project management system. The application can also be used without Planner Server integration.

P2ware Planner Standard 2008

It is an essential project management tool, designed with novices in mind. An application designed for personal computers.

P2ware Planner Viewer 2008

It is a ‘read only’ application available free of charge. It can be used to read plans created with other Planner Suite applications.

Product Based Planner

Product Based Planner was a first project management application by P2ware. It was a desktop application and had two versions. Its innovation and implemented solutions were highly appreciated by our customers. The application was also awarded ‘Application of year 2005’ and ‘The best application for Windows XP’ in Microsoft contests.

Product Based Planner - Application of the year 2005

Product Based Planner - Application of the year 2005

Product Based Planner - Best Application for Windows XP

Product Based Planner - Best Application for Windows XP


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