P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro licensing

P2ware Project Manager 8 Pro is licensed "per user", which means you can have one installation on your laptop and another on your desktop as long as they are both used by you only (or any other user has a license).

The license is not limited in time as the "End User Software License Agreement" is not breached.

P2ware Portfolio Management licensing

P2ware Portfolio Management is licensed "per installation" and "per user", i.e. you have to obtain one licence per server installation and as many user licences as there are users connecting to the server.

Complete solution requires two types of licences:

  1. Server installation licence - license for P2ware Portfolio Management permits to create one organization regardless of total number of users.
  2. Client access licence (CAL) - each user who connects to P2ware Portfolio Management has to have one ‘client’s access licence’ allowing him/her to connect to the application. There are two types of licenses (Client Access License, CAL):
    1. Standard (full) access license – this licence permits to perform all planning and execution activities (in projects, programmes and portfolios) according to access rights, permits to create new projects and perform administrative tasks
    2. Limited access license – this licence permits to occasionally edit data, get notifications, generate reports and fill in progress status reports

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between standard and limited access licence?

Standard access licence allows user to edit all project data (according to access rights) and limited access licence allows user to edit data occasionally, update task progress, generate reports.

2. Who should be assigned standard access licence?

Standard licence is intended for project manager, programme and portfolio directors, PMO officers, administrator and similar roles.

3. Who should be assigned limited access licence?

Limited licence is intended for users rarely changing data, usually updating existing project data (e.g. reporting progress). These users generally work with read-only data, generate reports. Limited license is mainly for stakeholders, team members, board members.

4. I am building project portfolio system for 10 project managers, 50 team members, 5 board members and 1 PMO officer as a support. What licences should I purchase?

Following access licences are requires: 11 standard licences (project managers and PMO) and 55 limited licences (team members and the board).

5. I have to add 10 team members from outside of the company. What licences shall I purchase?

Assuming that these team members are to be report progress and change data in limited scope you should purchase limited access licence.

6. How long are P2ware Portfolio Management licences valid?

The licences are valid infinitely, if not otherwise stated in an agreement.

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