P2ware Suite 7 licensing model in a nutshell.

Applications for personal computers (for both single users and systems with server) are licensed "per user", i.e. each user has to have his/her own licence for the software. Applications are activated by using serial numbers (activation keys) which are delivered upon purchase. Licences are not time restricted (but for special licences and in this case, validity is clearly stated).
Server applications are licences "per installation" and "per user", i.e. you have to obtain one licence per server installation and as many user licences as there are users connecting to the server.

Desktop applications

It pertains P2ware Suite 7:

Project Manager, Project Manager Pro and Project Manager Personal versions are licensed "per user". Each user has to have his/her own licence. These applications can connect to P2ware Portfolio Server 7 or P2ware Project Team Server 7 if there is a Client Access Licence on the server.

Server applications

It pertains the following P2ware Suite 7 applications:

Portfolio Server/Project Team Server requires two types of licences:

  1. Server installation licence - one licence for Portfolio Server/Project Team Server means that there can be only one installation of the web application on the server.
  2. Client access licence (CAL) - each user who connects to Portfolio Server/Project Team Server has to have one ‘client’s access licence’ allowing him/her to connect to the application.

Frequently asked questions

1. I purchased upgrade from Project Manager to Project Manager Pro. How to activate the software?


You have to launch your P2ware Project Manager and then click P2ware Suite button (upper left corner) and choose option Activate. The activation wizard will show up. Follow its steps to activate the software.

2. How long are licences for P2ware Project Manager applications valid?


The licences once purchased for applications are valid infinitely. It means that you may use the software as long as you are able to install the software on your operating system.

3. I am planning to purchase software for 5 project managers, server application for another 50 users and software for one person in the project support office (creating plan templates). What licences should I purchase?


You should purchase: 1 licence for Portfolio Server, 56 CALs for all users connecting to Portfolio Server. For your project managers you should buy 5 licences for Project Manager and 1 licence for Project Manager PRO which will be used by a person in project support office.

4. I have to give access to Portfolio Server to 10 external stakeholders. What additional licences do I have to buy?


It is enough to buy 10 CALs (client access licences).

5. What is the difference between 1 year license and regular Project Manager license?


1 year license is valid 1 year from the activation date. After a year Project Manager will deactivate and you will be able to open created plans in free Project Manager Viewer software which is installed with all Project Manager versions. 1 year license is not a subscription so there is no hidden costs. After a year you may purchase another 1 year license, regular license or uninstall Project Manager. Regular licenses have no time limitations.


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