P2ware Portfolio Management in extended version is a leading edge server software for projects, programmes and portfolios management systems (PPPM) that delivers managerial information on dashboards and in reports, executes workflows orchestrating portfolio management and collaboration on projects and documents. With a focus on project portfolio management, it also provides a robust project, team, and document management and reporting platform. The solution can be administered by single PMO or many local PMOs managing own portfolios distributed across complex organizational structures.

The software integrates with IT ecosystem and can be highly customized to implement dedicated systems, methodologies and best practices.

P2ware Portfolio Management

Main features

  • Stategic areas, strategic and operational goals
  • Project, programme and portfolio management
  • Portfolios, sub portfolios and multi-level organizational structure
  • Single project management office (PMO) and support for multiple PMOs
  • Dedicated to corporations or other organizations with complex structure
  • Dashboards tailored to roles in the organization and access rights
  • Complete functionalities of P2ware Portfolio Management for project portfolio management
  • Off-the-shelf (COTS) project management software with exceptional customization options - learn more: Custom Solutions

Key benefits

  • Uniform platform for planning and execution of projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Effective collaboration and enhanced telework
  • Delivery of information for all managerial levels
  • Complete control and evaluation of all business initiatives
  • All critical information available at your fingertips

With P2ware Portfolio Management in extended version – strategies can be implemented with projects and programmes

Highly customizable enterprise project portfolio system designed for:

  • Management of projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Delivery of information for all managerial levels
  • Integration with other systems
  • Implementation of methodologies and best practices

Successful project, programme and portfolio management

  • Manage successful projects with leading methodologies like PRINCE2® and PMI PMBOK®
  • Plan and control your projects’ scope, budget, resources and schedule
  • Collaborate in real time on documents and plans
  • Create dedicated working areas for project, programmes and portfolios

System tailored to organization structure

  • Create portfolio structure that suits your needs
  • Identify organization units
  • Create portfolios and sub portfolios
  • Create central project management office and, if require, create local PMOs

Deliver managerial information with dashboards and reports

  • Portfolio Gantt
  • Programme and portfolio reports
  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Easy to customize reports

Execute your portfolio projects in a coherent way

  • Choose projects that align with defined strategies
  • Plan and control benefits
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Balance business as usual and your projects

Integrate data from multiple organizational units

  • Project portfolio reports
  • Dashboards tailored to roles in the organization and access rights
  • Manage risks and issues in multiple projects, programmes and portfolios

Create a highly customized system that gives you a real competitive advantage

Extended version of P2ware Portfolio Management should be:

  • tailored to in-house processes
  • aligned to users requirements
  • integrated with other systems
  • extended with registers and databases not available in the standard version


Get a quote

To get a quote, please fill in the form below and provide number of:

  • users with complete, standard access to projects (e.g. project managers, PMO)
  • users with limited access to data (e.g. team members, stakeholders, users accessing reports only)
If you require customisation, training or deployment support, please let us know. We’ll do our best to tailor the offer to your requirements.

Standard access (e.g. project managers, programme directors, PMO)
Limited access (e.g. stakeholders, team members)

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