Some organizations require systems with more complex processes, templates, implemented in-house methodologies hammered out over many years of project management trial and error. P2ware Portfolio Management is a flexible solution able to be customised to different methodologies, project and report templates and different data layouts.

P2ware Portfolio Management can be customised to individual requirements retaining all standard functionalities.

Rozwiązania dedykowane

Main features

  • Leverages all P2ware Portfolio Management functionalities
  • Modification of project life cycle
  • Own project templates
  • Own custom notifications
  • New reports and documents templates
  • Integration with other IT solutions
  • Software can be customised to organizations of various size (from single but complex project to complex and distributed organizations)


  • Custom uniform platform for planning and execution of projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Unique set of functionalities in one solution
  • Lower costs of maintenance of one tailored system
  • Compliance with internal regulations and processes
  • Use of existing methods and lessons learned
  • Implementation of own decision making process

Own project templates customized to your organization

    Tailor plan templates by:
  • defining your own forms, and add new properties and formulas
  • creating new templates according to your own standards
  • adding summaries, groupings and format your data
  • entering default data

Create own report templates

  • Modify predefined report templates
  • Create report templates from scratch
  • Use our experience in creating tailored templates

Integrate your projects with your IT ecosystem

  • Import and export data from/to comprehensible file formats
  • Implement custom workflows
  • Integrate with:
    • ERP using web services and SOA
    • your Identity Management System (e.g. Active Directory)
    • your collaboration system

Create and deploy a highly customized system that fits your organization

Make customisation a breeze by taking advantage of our consulting services.


Get a quote

To get a quote, please fill in the form below and provide number of :

  • users with complete, standard access to projects (e.g. project managers, PMO)
  • users with limited access to data (e.g. team members, stakeholders, users accessing reports only)
If you require customisation, training or deployment support, please let us know. We’ll do our best to tailor the offer to your requirements.

Standard access (e.g. project managers, programme directors, PMO)
Limited access (e.g. stakeholders, team members)

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