All in one tool - unleash the power of PRINCE2® with P2ware Project Manager 7

Unleash the power of PRINCE2® with P2ware Project Manager 7

PRINCE2® Guide with:

  • Principles and themes
  • Processes, activities and recommended actions
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • All management product templates
  • Health checks
  • Quick access PRINCE2® Glossary

P2ware Project Manager 7

  • All registers and logs integrated with plans
  • Product-based planning
  • Progress control
  • Predefined and customizable reports
  • Plan templates for all PRINCE2® processes
  • Plan template for PRINCE2® project
  • All can be tailored to your projects

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

P2ware® and P2ware logo are registered trademarks of P2ware Limited.

Based on: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2009 Edition.

Material is reproduced under licence from AXELOS Limited.

PRINCE2® as easy as never before

This video demonstrates that learning, tailoring, using and embedding PRINCE2® can be really easy with PRINCE2® Add-on for P2ware Project Manager 7.

This plugin adds functionalities particularly useful for planning and managing projects according to the PRINCE2® method. It contains the PRINCE2® Guide, PRINCE2® Quick Access Glossary, management products and role description templates and a number of plan templates for better planning and controlling the Project Manager activities and actions.

This add-on together with P2ware Project Manager 7 software delivers extremely effective project management environment valuable for all PRINCE2® users ranging from practitioners, trainers to students.

Accelerate PRINCE2 implementation with ready-to-use templates for:

  • Management products
  • Role descriptions
  • PRINCE2® processes
  • PRINCE2® project

Utilize checklists to control PRINCE2® recommended actions

  • Apply the best practices
  • Never forget any activity or action

Tailor PRINCE2® and tools to your projects

  • Adapt provided templates to fit your needs
  • Utilize unique P2ware Project Manager 7 Pro customization abilities

Integrate your business processes with PRINCE2® by adding your own:

  • management products to the management product flow
  • checklist for actions required by your organization
  • health checks to ensure solid project assurance

Embed PRINCE2® in your organization by ensuring:

  • easy access to knowledge
  • effective training
  • ergonomic tools

and setting your standards


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